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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Tekken 3 Game Full Version for PC Free Download Namco

GENERAL GAME INFO:                                                              
Download Here.Tekken 3 is the third game in the most popular fighting tekken series by NAMCO.It was the first game which was released on 12 hardware system an improvement to tekken 2.Quick players with more smoother controls different intresting backrounds's and perfect synchronization made this game a real landmark in entire tekken series.i personally like this game for its beautifully designed control panel which makes it very easy even when palying with keys of your keyboard. And definitely for its core fighting system and Concept....

GAME PLAY:                                                                              
Beautiful graphics with superb animations and fifteen new characters really made this game a real beauty in the history of tekken series of fighting games.Movement reforms are very special in controlling these amazing and intresting characters as an advancement juming was tonned down cause in previous versions with the jump keys players jump very high which feel ockward so its fixed in this version of game so its near to real fighting techniques.Combos really made this game very special for users with different tactics and techniques of blocking and then launching your combination of keys to do quick attack really made me a big fan of this game....

SCREEN SHOTS:                                                                   

pantium lll 800 Mzh

VGA:      32 MB

Ram:      256



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